Maintaining Your Camera Gear !

Written by Justin Tedford

Camera gear is an investment and it needs periodically cleaning as everything does. I answer plenty of questions on a regular basis about maintaining camera gear and how to clean your camera and lenses. Maintaining your gear doesn’t come with a huge investment for supplies. Spending little as twenty dollars is all you may need to do to purchase the necessary cleaning materials.

Cleaning Tissues:  These little guys can be a great help in keeping your camera lenses clean. Have you ever had a finger print on the front of your lens? Besides that huge finger print on the front of your lens you now have oil from your skin. Use a cleaning tissue and a little fluid will help take that oil and print right off without transferring any of that mess to your cleaning cloth.  

Lens Cleaning Fluid: Remember to purchase a lens cleaning fluid that is meant for optics and not eye glasses. Purchasing a fluid that is meant for optics lessens the chance for damage to your lens coatings.

Lens Cloth: A good cleaning cloth should be a number one priority in your cleaning tool kit. Make sure your cloth is not abrasive; this will help you make sure you are not scratching the lenses front element. Some cloths can be washed, make sure not to use fabric softener when washing your cloth and let it air dry.

Blower Brush: I think this is the most forgotten tool to have. Visit the beach or a dusty back road? Sand or fine dust can scratch that front lens element again. Using a blower will help remove any loose particles that may scratch your lenses before cleaning.

Keeping your sensor Spot less!

Unless you live in a bubble eventually you will get some dust on your camera sensor. How do you know if there is dust on your cameras sensor? Little black spots will start to show in lighter areas of your photograph like the sky for example. Don’t worry; your local camera store can help you clean your sensor. Some places may clean your sensor for free if the dust can be removed by blowing it off. Sometimes dust and debris are suborned and the sensor may need to be “swabbed”. There is usually a fee associated with this type of cleaning. Swabbing is a great way to remove all dust or debris on your sensor. If you’re up to learning something new, you can do this yourself but only with specialized fluid and swabs. There is always a chance you make scratch your cameras sensor if done improperly.

Cleaning your body and lenses

My favorite tool for cleaning the outside of the camera’s body is a toothbrush. This will help get all that dirt out of the crevasses of your camera allowing you to blow off it off. I also like to use q-tips to get around little cracks and the view finder of the camera.

Always make sure that you never directly spray the lens fluid on a lens element. First, spray the lens tissue with a little fluid and rub on the surface of the lens in a clock wise motion after you have blown off any debris. Then gently use your cleaning cloth to polish the front of your lens. This is as easy as it gets!

Gear is investment, we wash our cars and keep up our maintenance on them so why not do the same of your camera and lenses. Please feel free to call the store with any questions at 319-395-9121

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