Quick Tip: Travel Like A Pro

Travel Like a PRO

Traveling with photography gear can be a challenge. You want to be well-prepared but not bogged down with unnecessary items. And if you’re traveling with kids or other family members, you have additional luggage and items to consider. Here are some of our favorite tips from traveling photographers who know how to travel light while remaining prepared for any shooting situation:

Consider Your Schedule: How much time will you have to explore and photograph your favorite subjects? Consider your schedule to determine how much gear you will really need and use. For example, a family trip might give you more flexibility in your schedule than a business trip (unless photography IS your business), and this one issue will impact what you need to pack.

Consider Your Subject(s): For many photographers, a few key accessories will cover a multitude of photo opportunities. Consider bringing just one lens, such as an all-in-one lens with a 18-200mm range (or something similar), allowing you to transition from wide angle to solid telephoto. Unless you are embarking on something very specific, such as macro photography, a single lens will cover most situations while keeping your luggage light.

Multi-Purpose Packing: Choose a bag that can keep you hands-free while also carrying more than simply your camera gear. Like your photography equipment, you’ll benefit from a bag that does double duty carting your most important items.

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