Photo Pro U Photography Tip of the Month

It is so awesome to be getting warmer and warmer days and have the bright sun out, but often that is not the best for shooting photos due to harsh shadows. Here are some ways to work around the sun.
If shooting a portrait, head-shot or something else that you can control the location:
Many pros shoot early or late in the day when the sun is lower and less harsh, but I know you often need to work during the school hours, therefore move the subjects to open shade – a walk way with an overhang, the shadow side of a building, or under a large tree for example.
If you want a directional look use a large reflector to bounce some light at the subject like in shade1 attached, or try a little bit of flash.
Another approach is to have the subject face away from the sun and then make sure to expose for the face or other important areas like in shade2 attached and not the bright background. In this example a reflector was used again to bounce some lighton the subject and give a catchlight in the eyes.
If shooting an event:
If you are shooting an event out in the bright sun where you can not relocate the subjects try shooting with the sun at 45 degrees or so in front of you. I used to do this shooting pro football so the players faces were not in deep shadows inside their helmets. Also, the crowd in the stands in the background are in the shade and therefore less distracting – see fb attached. Again, make sure to be exposing for the part of the subject you want to see detail in.
If any questions do not hesitate to give us a call or e-mail.
Our education division, Photo Pro U, now has its own blog with additional tips and ideas:
And Photo Pro in Cedar Rapids is always available to help with your photography – any questions, trouble shooting gear or photography issues, new or pre-owned equipment, lenses, flash units, accessories, prints, etc.
319.395.9121 153 Collins Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids
shade1  shade2  fb (1)

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