Tips For Backing Up Your Memories

Written by: TJ Ravn, Retail Team MemSocialMedia - Archiving17ber

I am asked weekly what the best way to backup photos is. In the age of digital technology, things change so fast. We store all our photos on our computers or phones, but computers crash and phones get lost, broke or traded in causing us to lose all of our precious memories. So, what is the best way to back up our photos? In my opinion, there is no one best way. We used to rely mostly on CDs, but CDs can scratch, warp and fade over time losing information and many of today’s computers don’t even include CD drives.

Memory cards and flash drives can also lose information called digital rot. Simply put they can lose charge/electrons over time causing your images to be unreadable. They are great for short-term storage but not for long-term storage. Cloud storage is another option however; cloud storage can be expensive and many companies have gone out of business making those images inaccessible. External hard drives is another option however, they can crash.

So what is the best way to back up your photos? Multiple ways is the best way in my opinion. I back all my photos up on my computer plus multiple hard drives. That way if a hard drive crashes I have a duplicate. In addition, it is a good idea to keep one drive at home and another hard drive off site like at work or safety deposit box at your bank. That way if you should have a fire or something happens to your house you have a backup drive stored safely off site. Using a variety of methods and storing in a variety of places will ensure you are able to safeguard your keepsakes.

Another way to back up your photos is to actually print your photos. Prints can last for years and can be scanned if your digital files are lost. In addition, showing prints to friends and family is easier than trying to huddle around your phone and a dropped print is much cheaper than a dropped phone. Today, we take more pictures than ever before. These pictures are our history and our memories of our loved ones.

We need to take extra steps and care to preserve them for future generations. Back your photos up today and if you need help backing up your memories visit the friendly and helpful staff in our lab. They will be delighted to help you preserve your memories.

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