Buyer Beware


By Kim Pagel, Photo Pro Marketing Manager

You’ve heard the phase before, “Buyer beware!” When it comes to looking for online “deals” it’s doubly true. When making an expensive purchase online from someone you don’t know, use extreme caution!

We all like a good deal and the opportunity to save some money. But price isn’t the only thing to consider when making a purchase.

]ust recently a person brought a Canon DSLR camera into the store. They had just  purchased it online from an Amazon Retailer. It was advertised as new and was being sold at a great price. The owner had concerns about the camera as soon as she opened the package and brought it in to the store for us to check out.

It was obvious when looking at the camera that it wasn’t new. It didn’t have a Canon box, strap, instructions or battery. It was packed in bubble wrap with scotch tape. We found a memory card inserted in the camera that contained someone’s personal photos! And to top it off, when we checked the serial number on the Stolen Camera Finder website, we learned that the camera had been stolen! All of a sudden this camera wasn’t such a great deal after all!

The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller but one.

We helped the customer purchase a new Canon EOS 80D that came with a manufacturers warranty. With the $200 instant rebate the camera was right in her price range.

The Photo Pro Advantage goes further than good customer service. In addition, every new camera purchased at Photo Pro comes with our VIP Customer Loyalty Program that includes:

  • The Intro to Compact Camera Class or the Intro to DSLR Camera Class. A $25 value.
  • 25 free 3×5 or 4×6 prints.
  • Up to 20% off many of our print products offered in our Photo Design Center.
  • 10% off frames, books, and many other camera accessories.

Buyer beware! Don’t be taken advantage of. If you can’t look the seller straight in the eyes and ask an honest question, you are never quite sure what you’re purchasing.

When you do business at Photo Pro, you leave with peace of mind, something that money just can’t buy.

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