Making Memories, Sharing Stories, Leaving A Legacy

By Kim Pagel
Photo Pro Market Manager

We’re the week with four of our grandsons in Manhattan, Kansas. Their dad and mom are at conferences so we are flying solo! Life with four boys five and under is quite an adventure and full of action!

This is why that when we come we bring games and activities to help keep the boys engaged. This time I had the idea of printing of photos from our previous trips along with other photos of their cousins, aunts and uncles.

I bought four cheap photo albums and printed off 100 4×6 prints for each boy. This morning we spent about an hour looking at the photos and putting them in their albums. Putting a photo in a small album is no small feat for a three or five year old! We needed to help the two year old but the others wanted to do it themselves. It was a great activity to develop small motor skills.

The activity was a hit – even better than what I had hoped for! No one complained about how hard or frustrating it was. I wanted to help them more than they wanted help! Of course they wanted to do it themselves! And that they did.

But the highlight for me was the unsolicited conversation around the table as we looked at the pictures. One grandson said, “PaPa, these are some really good memories!” And another said, “Papa, you take really good pictures of us running!” Later at the dinner table we talked about what was their favorite photo. Two mentioned a picture of their cousin climbing a wall.

Today we didn’t just do an activity or keep four active boys busy. Today, we made memories and shared stories. And someday in the future, we won’t be around to tell our grandsons how much we love the and are proud of them. But they will have many wonderful memories and stories that will keep our legacy alive.

A photo is a powerful thing! Make sure you are printing your photos and telling your story!

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