My Camera | My Story :: Jan Crites

My Camera | My Story is a blog series that features what some of our customers are doing with their camera. This article features Jan Crites, a mom, grandmother and avid photographer.

My photography journey began on a trip my husband and I took to Arizona in 2006. I had always been the one to take family photos for Christmas, birthdays, vacations and so on. But some of the photos I was able to capture of the Grand Canyon with my little point and shoot camera really started me thinking that I might like to do more with photography. My husband bought my first DSLR camera for my birthday the next year. After my first time out to shoot with that camera I was hooked!

I love photographing my four grandchildren! It’s so much fun capturing their lives and personalities. But beyond that, I love photographing birds, especially in action and doing macro work (flowers, bugs, bees, etc.).

I have shot with a Nikon D610 for many years and recently purchased a Nikon D750. My favorite lens is probably my Nikon 70-200mm. It’s versatile, very sharp and does a great job with portraits. It’s great in low light and does a wonderful job of isolating the subject. For wildlife and birds I use my Nikon 200-500mm and for macro photography I use my Nikon 105mm.

I love the creative process! From thinking about what I want to shoot, to making the shot, and then editing the final image. Photography motivates me to get outside and be active. I love challenging myself to look at things from a different perspective. And I get to meet so many wonderful and interesting people when I’m out with my camera.

The thing that inspires me the most in my photography is God’s beautiful creation. From the tiniest insect to an expansive mountain range and everything in between, it all points of the Creator! I’m also inspired by people, especially trying to capture real moments and memories.

My advice for those wanting to begin photography or get better is patience. There is a lot of just standing around waiting when you are photographing birds and wildlife. Also, observing and getting to know the bird or animal your are photographing. They often will give you clues when they are about to do something that help you to get your shot. And for capturing action shots, like an eagle fishing, a high shutter speed is more important than a low ISO to get an in-focus image.

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