Shopping Local Never Made More Cents!

By Kim Pagel | Photo Pro Marketing Manager

With the recent closing of Sears, Younkers and other businesses in our community, we are acutely aware of the need for good, quality local business that contribute to our community and economic flourishing. We wrote about the importance of shopping local here

We all love to shop online – it’s convenient, offers almost unlimited selection, and is competitively priced. However, the times, they are a chang’n!
It’s never made more cents sense to shop local than right now. Consider the following. Photo Pro, along with many of you, received the following email from B&H Photo at the end of 2018.

Important Message Regarding Sales Tax
“As you may know, based on a June 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Iowa is now requiring out of state sellers to collect sales tax. As a result, B&H will begin to collect sales tax on shipments to Iowa on January 3rd. All reputable retailers are complying with the new laws and collecting sales tax.”

The playing field has now be leveled with online retailers now charging sales tax. No longer can a person save 7% just by shopping online. Did you know, that you can purchase the same Nikon, Canon, Sony or Fujifilm gear at Photo Pro for the same price you see advertised by the large big box or online stores. It’s called MAP – Minimum Advertised Price, and all authorized dealers are required to advertise the same price.

Did you know that you can order directly from our website, 24/7. If you know what you want, there is no need to come into our store. And we can deliver directly to your home or business. Our website has up to date inventory and is responsive to any viewing platform. And as January 2019, we now have our Used Gear online!

Here is what Kate had to say about her recent online experience. She lives in the Waterloo area and ordered a Canon EF-S 24mm lens. “I just want to say that your service is exceptional. I had put this lens in my shopping cart in Amazon and I’m so glad I didn’t follow through with the purchase. I’d much rather support a small business right here in Iowa, and the cost was the same. Thank you again for your responsiveness.” Thanks Kate for your business! The lens was shipped to her door and she was able to support local without leaving her home!

If we don’t carry what you are looking for we can probably get ahold of it for you. Through our nationwide dealer network we have access to a huge inventory of used and new products. We are an Authorized Dealer for over 20 of the most popular photography brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm. We are one of the last full-service photography stores left in the state of Iowa and we pride ourselves in our selection and products.

Photo Pro’s VIP Program
We believe we can earn your business based on price, convenience and selection. But in addition, if you purchase a camera through us, you are enrolled into our VIP Program, worth over $115! And in addition you get our expert team who can answer your questions and help you each step of the way. From top-notch Photography Classes and Workshops to our knowledgeable Design Center and Sales staff, we are here to help you capture and enjoy your favorite memories.

Take a look at Photo Pro for your photography and print needs. Shopping local never made more sense!

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